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Celebrity Big Brother UK

Saturday, January 06, 2007

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Do other countries do this I wonder? Drag up a bunch of hasbeens, wannabees and never-will-be's and pop them in the BB house? I can't bear to watch it but I did watch Russell Brand (whose hair is even bigger) last night and so long as you don't have to actually watch the Z-listers doing anything then it's almost palatable.

I saw the last 30 minutes of them entering the house and the best part was seeing Dirk Benedict being driven to the red carpet in the A-team van. Magic.

If you do want to check on the status of the housemates then I'd suggest the tabloid UK paper THE SUN's coverage to be one of the best. Be cautious though, I've never succumbed to a CBB series myself but I hear it's terribly addictive.

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